Food and Friends' CEO Craig Schneiderman’s salary is nearly 6% of annual revenue
Remember when our enemies were drug companies, like GlaxoSmithKline and Gilead, slow-rolling the drug pipeline and price-gouging from diagnosis to death? At least we understood their charge to maximize profit. We recognized some considered untimely ends an acceptable cure for AIDS, and if not death, then shareholder returns.

Now, we have Food and Friends, based in Northeast DC on Riggs Road, whose mission is to improve the lives and health of people with HIV/AIDS, cancer and other serious illnesses that limit their ability to provide nourishment for themselves.”

Their programs, however, do less of that, because according to the organization’s own IRS reporting, in 2016 it paid its CEO, Craig Schneiderman, over $390K in cash compensation plus nearly $50K more from related organizations. Food & Friends total revenue was $7,618,205; the organization suffered a shortfall that year. Per the Blade article linked below, in 2013 revenue was $8,886,423, so Schneiderman’s doing … something.

“We are lucky to have him, and we should pay him at the top of the range in order to incentivize him and retain him. And that’s what we’ve done, and we think it’s completely justified.” —Christopher Wolf, member of executive committee.

Food and Friends claimed approximately $6.5 million spent delivering about a million meals. Inexplicably they also claim to provide nearly” 850 nutritional counseling sessions for $500k, which may not be the market rate.

The Harvard Business Review reported local funders have questioned Food & Friends compensation, including killing a planned grant.