DCFPI speaks for POC, doesn’t actually need them to speak

What can you say about the DC Fiscal Policy Institute, that bastion of local DC progressive activism. A review of recent tweets shows its concern that students of color are suspended more often than their white peers, with DCFPI forcefully declaring there can’t be economic justice without racial justice.

Here’s the primary image on the Policy Institute’s landing page.

This organization, fighting so hard for inclusivity in the former Chocolate City, must live its values, right? It moves beyond diverse stock-photo sets to actually engage, employ, and promote people of color, recognizing their voices are of particular importance in these conversations.

Here’s Kitty Richards, acting executive director, and Ed Lazere, exec director on leave to save poor POC by running for council chair.

Exactly what you were expecting, right?

Here’s a modest proposal: Don’t return Ed Lazere to leadership whether he wins or loses the DC council election. Invest some time recruiting talent who reflect your mission.  Don’t be hypocritical in such a typical way.